Poached fish, fried prawns and vegetables

Daughters will come home for dinner, yeah! We flew 8000+ miles for this, to cook dinner so they can have home cooked food. I had bought mostly seafood as they don’t get to eat fish, prawns when they order in at work or cook for themselves when they have the time. But I didn’t have any plan of how to cook the fish and prawns. It’s gonna be a surprise. Haha

Driving on Golden gate bridge


1) Marinated fish with pepper, salt and tumeric powder.

2) Trimmed the prawns’ whiskers, legs and sharp noses to neaten the appeal.

3) Will use ginger, sesame oil and tomato with fish.

Will use cauliflower, broccoli and red capsicum for veggies


Poached fish

1) In a wok heat some oil, add sesame oil and fry ginger in oil till fragrant.


2) Place in the fish pieces one at a time. Pour a bit of water and poach the fish till flesh turn white.


3) Top the fish with cut tomato, seaweed and coriander.


4) Dish up, set aside for serving later.


Fried prawns

1) In the wok, heat up some oil. Place in the prawns one at a time. For sauce, I added some rice vinegar, and teriyaki sauce.


2) Fry till red, dish up and set aside.



1) Cut cauliflower and broccoli into florets. Cut capsicum into small squares.

2) In the wok, boil up some water. When water is boiling, throw in the cauliflower to soften first.


3) Next add in broccoli, fry till soften.


4) Lastly, add in the capsicum. Once the water dries up, add some oyster sauce for taste.


Now daughters are home, let’s eat.🍽🍨🍜🍚.  I’ve timed to eat the food hot.




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