Salmon fillet pan fried

Been wanting to eat quality salmon steaks, not always readily available. This time I spotted blocks of fresh wild salmon, and ordered the fishmonger in Mission street to slice into 4 pieces of fillet, to be used for our Friday night dinner.

Reyes national seashore in hubby’s βœ‹


Salmon fillets, garlic, ginger, Olive oil, sesame oil, Soyaki (a version of teriyaki) sauce.



1) Wash and towel dry the fish fillet. Chop garlic and ginger.

2) In a pan, heat up olive oil. Pour tinge of sesame oil for fragrance, fry garlic and ginger.


3) When fragrant, place into the pan salmon fillets. Fry with the fragrant oil.


4) Directly sprinkle sea salt, pepper onto the fish. Also top each fillet with Soyaki sauce.


5) Turn over after 4 minutes, do not over cook. Do same, by sprinkling salt pepper, and Soyaki sauce on this side.


6) Once done, serve. For tonight, lightly pan fried salmon fillet is paired with kimchi fried 🍚.  Bon appetit 😘😘!



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