BBQ pork hor fun

Yes, back from cool San Francisco breeze into scorching hot Singapore weather. Was very much jetlagged and hungry at odd hours, like 4am. The beauty of Singapore is no matter the time, there’ll be amazing food at great prices. Such a privilege to be able to eat a bowl of ‘bachor mee sua’, (minced pork liver vermicelli) available 24/7, only S$3/-.

S$3/ ‘bachor meesua’, yummy @4am! Amazing privileges​ in Singapore.

Yes, can’t have it all… it’s good to be home, it’s ahgoodlife.  Woke at 2pm, feeling hungry and the weather scorching hot. Still, I’ll cook…not sure for lunch or dinner, it’ll be a wok of ‘char siew’ hor fun. BBQ pork white flat noodles.

Strolling after breakfast this morning @lower Pierce reservoir.


1) Flat white noodles – hor fun (1/2 kg). A bunch of garlic stems, a carrot, frozen char siew (BBQ pork) and gravy from BBQ pork.

Ingredients prepared


1) Heat some oil in a wok. Fry chopped garlic, then add in sliced carrot pieces.


2) Stir in the cut garlic stems. Garlic stems are crunchy and sweet.


3) Next, stir in the hor fun. Pour in the char siew gravy.

4) Stir fry, mix well in the wok. When dry, add some boiled water.

5) Add in the BBQ pork pieces. Mix it well.


A wok of BBQ pork hor fun

6) Serve it up or keep for dinner. Enough for three servings. Enjoy…💓💓

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