Fish hor fun

As each of us return from our travels in different countries, a home cooked meal of the family’s​ favorite fish noodle dish will serve as welcome home dinner. Travels can be hard work, tiring and energy sapping. A simple all in one pot will be good, easy to serve and requires less washing of utensils.

The San Francisco city hall


Hor fun (flat white noodles), Kai lan vegetables, bean sprouts, ginger, red snapper fish slices, garlic, fish cakes, coriander.



1) Pluck off the root of each bean sprout (tedious work). Cut the kailan veg into smaller pieces. Salt and pepper the fish slices. Chop ginger and garlic. Wash bean sprouts, Kai lan vegetables, coriander.

2) Heat some oil in wok, pour some sesame oil to mix, fry ginger in oil.


2) When fragrant, add fish pieces. Fry till fish pieces turn white, till cooked. Dish up.


3) In the same wok, heat up chopped garlic. Separate the hor fun and add into the wok. Add some water if the hor fun starts to stick to the wok.


4) Sprinkle light soya sauce onto the hor fun. Add some water if too dry. Fry the hor fun till smokey hot (brown) for ‘wok hei’ fragrance.


5) Add in sliced fish cake. Give it a good stir.


6) Add in kailan veg. Fry till veg soften.


7) Add in the bean sprouts. Fry lightly as I prefer the bean sprouts to be crispy.


8) Give a toss to mix evenly.


9) Lastly, add the cooked fish slices on top.


9) Now top with the coriander.


10) Serve noodles onto plates. Fish hor fun is ready. Enjoy 😍😄.





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