This is not Pad thai

Yeah, I wouldn’t claim to cook Pad thai just because I’ve the sauce, especially when CNN in 2011 rated Pad thai as 5th most delicious food. I’m trying to stir fry some noodles with available Pad Thai sauce and other similar ingredients, I’ll cook my version today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I’ll get to the real phat thai version some other day soon.

learning to fry street food phat thai

Today’s ingredients

Pad thai sauce bought from Thai festival, local yellow white fresh noodles, been sprouts, choy sim vegetables, fish cake and char siew pork, garlic, eggs.



1) Heat oil in wok, fry eggs, dish up for use later.


2) In the same wok, heat some oil, fry chopped garlic. Then, stir in noodles, add some water if too dry. Top with Pad thai sauce.

3) Fry till well mixed.


4) Stir in choy sim vegetables, scrambled eggs, sliced fish cake and char siew pork pieces.

5) Lastly, stir in bean sprouts.


6) Do not overcook the sprouts, lightly stir fry with the noodles mixture retaining the bean sprouts crunch.


7) Dish up and serve, a Pad thai light (without crushed peanuts) is ready. Still, it’s yummy ~ rub the tummy. Β Haha 😌 😌.

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