Tortilla my way

Thank you rain, you’ve cooled Singapore for awhile. At 26 degrees Celsius, I’m inspired to create a tortilla meal, trying to replicate those I had in San Francisco.

Having steak quesadilla in car on road trip

One of traveling pleasures is to sample food of other cultures, buy some goodies, and adapt to the ingredients I have at home. I hand carried 8000+ miles, store bought corn tortillas, can’t wait to use them. Today’s good weather affords me 😎.


6 pieces of tortilla, 1 piece boneless chicken thigh, red capsicum, carrot, cucumber, 1 piece tofu, cilantro, ginger.



1) Prepare ingredients, marinate chicken with salt, pepper, tumeric and paprika powder. Slice cucumber, carrot, ginger, capsicum and tofu lengthy​.


2) To cook tortillas, I’ll grill them on a pan. Love watching the corn wheat bubble up as they cook.

3) In the same pan, heat some oil to fry the chicken piece. Add some water to further steam fry till cooked. Ensure, no pinkness in the thickest part of the chicken piece.

4) Next, boil some water in the pan to soften the capsicum and carrots. Serve aside when done.


5) Last item to pan fry is the sliced tofu pieces. Heat some oil, lightly pan fry the tofu pieces. Dish up when done.


6) Assemble all cooked ingredients on a tray and be ready to feast.


7) Okay, time to make your soft taco. Can’t wait to taste.

8) It’s yummy, I can taste the crunch of cucumber, soften capsicum and carrots, goodness of tofu and chicken slices wrapped in wheat corn. Although I prepared 2 each, but 1 is already so filling.


Cheers to tortillas​ done my way 👏👏Follow me​ on facebook @ahgoodfood.


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