Fish paste eggplant

A simple dish loved by the family. The main 2 ingredients are 1 eggplant and a packet of store bought fish paste.

1) Wash and cut 🍆 diagonally, with a slit to fill in fish paste.


2) Insert store bought fish paste into slit.


3) In the pan, heat up some oil, pan fry the eggplant pieces.


4) When oil is all absorbed by the porous eggplant, pour some water into pan to prevent burning the eggplant and let the boiling water continue to cook and braise the eggplant.


5) Very quickly, the water gets absorbed and eggplant considered cooked. Serve up.



Hope you’ll try this recipe of eggplant filled with fish paste, if it’s difficult to get fish paste, you can substitute with minced meat. Cheers!

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