Flew those pizza base and pepperoni from San Francisco, sun dried tomatoes from Cork city – Ireland, mozzerella cheese from Melbourne and locally sourced onion, shitake mushrooms – it’s time for an international pizza. 😌🙃



1) Spread the tomato puree on 🍕 base.


2) Lay out onion slices, then pepperoni onto the pizza base. Looking good. 😍😁


3) Don’t forget sun dried tomatoes and shitake mushrooms.


4) There, coming along…


5) Top with mozzarella cheese, international 🍕 almost there.


6) Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. It’s ready. 🍅🍕🍽


Since I also flew some tortilla base from Mission district, San Francisco, I shall make tortilla base pizzas too! 👌👏


Pizzas for lunch, cheers.

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