Soy sauce chicken

Tasted the 1 Michelin star soy sauce chicken in Smith street Singapore recently, today I’ll try to cook something comparable.

1 Michelin star soy sauce chicken served with noodles


1 whole chicken (about 1 kg), garlic, ginger, dark soya sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, pandan leaves (optional), chicken feet (optional).



1) Wash the 🐔, cut away visible fats. Wash the pandan leaves, spread some salt into the chicken and insert the pandan leaves into the chicken.


2) In a pot, fry the garlic and ginger in sesame oil till fragrant. Add in about 3 tablespoons of dark soya sauce, 3 cups of water, add some salt (2 teaspoons) and sugar (3 teaspoons) till mixture boils. Taste, add more salt and sugar if needed.

3) Place the chicken breast facing down into the soy sauce gravy. Add in chicken feet to raise the gravy level. Try to submerge as much of the chicken as possible. Lower the fire, cover the lid, and simmer for 25 mins breast (thickest meat) facing down.

4) Use a fork, and poke thru the thickest part (thighs). If it pokes through, turn the chicken and simmer

under low 🔥 for another 15 minutes. The chicken I’m using today is small (about 1 kg) so it cooks easy. You’ll need more time for larger chicken.

5) When cooked, dish out to cool.

6) Prepare a serving dish, cut some cucumber to pair with soy sauce chicken.

7) When cooled, cut the chicken. The professionals will chop with a knife. I’m still learning so I’m using the scissors.

8) Today I’ll serve soy sauce chicken with a vegetable dish and brown rice.

Cheers, please

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