Stir fried marrow green

When I found this squash in the supermarket, I just had to buy it, to recreate a dish that grandma used to cook. I’ve been searching a while for marrow green, I do not often see it available, so I grab 2 on sight. Whilst researching, realised it’s another super food.

7 health benefits of marrow green


A whole marrow green, another sliced ready for stir fry


1) Wash and slice the marrow green. Soak the beans vermicelli and black fungus. Also, for added taste, slice some short back bacon.


1) In a wok, heat some oil, fry chopped garlic. When fragrant, add in bacon strips and fry together. I chose bacon for that added salty taste and pink to color up the dish.


2) Add in soaked and sliced black fungus. Also add in some broth for the fungus to further soak up. My purpose of fungus is for that added crunch and also to multi color the dish.


3) Now add the white bean vermicelli.


4) Lastly, the sliced marrow green veggies, star of today’s dish.


5) Add some broth if the mixture is dry.  I’ve scooped more of red Wolf berries to add color. Notice, the vibrancy of colors I believe adds to the attractiveness of the dish. The balance of taste and bite (soft vs crunch) are also key elements making up a good dish.


6) For vegans, do away with the bacon, but sprinkle some salt. For broth, use some water, the dish should taste as good.



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