Noodles 4 breakfast

G’day 😍 we’ll have noodles for breakfast, like how Asians have rice porridge or rice every morning. Like how we’ll order bachormee (minced meet noodles) at the hawkers center. The kids prefer meekia (angel hair pasta) and the adults prefer meepok (fettuccine). But first, another 20 lap swim before breakfast.



Noodles, sauces (chilli, soy sauce, vinegar), minced pork, vegetables.


1) In a pot of boiling water, cook the noodles individually and dish out into each bowl.

2) In respective bowl, mix in the amount of chilli sauce (spice), soya sauce (salty) and vinegar (sourness) according to individual taste.


3) In another pot of boiling water, scald the vegetables. Serve onto the noodles immediately upon cooking.

4) Chop some garlic, fry in heated oil.


5) Add in minced meat, directly saute with peeper, cinnamon and tumeric powder. Add fish sauce and sesame oil and fry all together.


6) Dish onto noodles directly when it’s all cooked.

7) Serve up. There… 4 bowls of bachormee ready. Enjoy noodles 4 breakfast!! 🍜🍜🍜🍜


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