Filet mignon

The family had decided to shy away from red meat due to various health readings. However, in our last visit to San Francisco, the daughters brought us to a fine Brazilian steakhouse serving free flow quality steak. That rekindled our love and respect for good quality steak.

Waiters come round enticing various cuts, different flavors

At home, the son’s body is saying give me protein, the army is over working my body, I need more protein! 🤔🤔 To overcome the dilemma, I sourced an expensive slab of tenderloin from Melbourne Queen Victoria market, was initially intimidated of how to use it, I really didn’t want to waste the efforts of a ✋ delivered, air flown quality piece of meat. 😉

Free flow quality meat @ Brazilian steakhouse


Beef tenderloin, salt pepper, BBQ sauce, 1 onion. Notice the leaness of the muscle, and the fine marbles on this part of the meat. It’s  reddishness fresh.

Sliced 4 pieces of filet of about 1 inch thickness


1) Heat up a pan, drizzle with oil. When the pan is sizzling hot, place 2 pieces of meat on to the pan. As the meat is lean, use of olive is best suited here.

2) Let it sizzle for couple of minutes, turn them over. If the meat is thicker, use more time.


3) I observed the color, do not overcook, notice the pinkness on the meat. I used a fork to poke a bit, if there no juice, it’s done.


4) Let the meat rest before serving. The purpose of this step is to allow the meat to retract and seal in the juices. After the meat is done, using the same pan, sizzle the onion rings.


Can’t wait, it’s medium rare…., well done! A pat on my shoulders, we wouldn’t touch any pinkness on the beef steak before our stint in that fine Brazilian steakhouse.


No-no, all our steaks previously had to be well done or at least medium well. This time it’s medium rare, tender, meltingly delicious.


“A great job, chef” was the feedback, encore! Haha😄😄.


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