My dream pho

This is the pho I dream about.

Chicken and beef pho, Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne

This is the pho I created today.

Home made, robust with oomph

Yes…my dream came alive, and it’s tastier, more robust, and with greater oomph. 👊💪👌


Vietnamese rice noodles, bones / chicken carcass for broth, onion, ginger, leeks, bean sprouts, coriander, beef tenderloin.



1) The broth takes hours to make, since it’s taking so long, I’ll use the pressure cooker. I will use what’s available from the fridge. I’ll use some pork ribs, the white part of the leek, a charred half onion (for that smokey effect), a chicken stock cube, a tablespoon of Bovril, and a tablespoon of Marmite. I’m cooking more and freeze leftover stock.

Ingredients for broth

2) Fry the star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamon in a pan till fragrant.


3) Throw all the above ingredients into pot with 4 bowls of water to boil for hours. I used the pressure cooker and boiled the broth for 1 1/2 hours.

Broth in making

4) Upon boiling the broth, sieve the solids to be discarded, and use only clear soup.


1) In a pot of boiling water, cook the rice noodles, for about 6 minutes per instruction.


2) Apportion the noodles into bowls. To prevent from crumbling, sprinkle some oil. Today I’ll use white truffle oil.


3) Assemble all other ingredients, slice the green part of leek and the other half onion. Top onto noodles. Set aside.

4) Slice the beef and top onto the noodles.

5) Top bean sprouts, beef slices and coriander onto the pho assembly.

6) Only when diners are ready to eat, reboil the soup, pour boiling hot soup into bowls containing the pho assembled. If the beef is still too raw, warm the whole bowl in microwave to further cook the beef slices.


7) There, a bowl of piping hot beef pho ready to serve. Serve with sirachii chilli sauce. Yum 💪👊👏👌


My dream come true.

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