Fish head bitter gourd soup

Bought 2 barramundi fish heads. Credits to the fishmonger, he cleaned and chopped so beautifully and made them easy for me to use.

I’m reminded of a trip to Ek Phnom (Siem Reap, Cambodia) in 2015, when we were cruising the Mekong River and saw a lady preparing fish dinner outside her boat house. *Boat houses move according to tides and weather. During monsoon seasons, the occupiers move further in nearer to river banks to avoid typhoons and flooding, making them normady.


Fish is universally available seafood, 🎏.

Seam Reap, Angkor Wat

Sunrise in Angkor Wat


Barramundi fish heads, bitter gourd, green onion, ginger, tomato. A packet of beehoon (rice vermicelli) and soft tofu.



Wash and cut the ingredients, soak the beehoon, salt the fish pieces.



1) In a wok, heat some oil, fry some chopped ginger. Sear the fish pieces to rid the fishy smell and prevent disintegration when boiling in soup.


2) Not to cook, but just sear both sides of each piece. Dish up for use later.


3) In a pot of boiling water, cook the rice vermicelli (beehoon). Drain and separate into individual bowls for use later.


4) In the same wok, pour 3 bowls of water to make fish broth. Use rest of ginger pieces, white part of leek into the soup.


5) When soup is boiling, add in the fish pieces one by one.


6) Dish out the fish pieces once boiled, onto the beehoon in each bowl.


7) In the same wok, cook the bitter gourd and tomato pieces.


8) Tomatoes don’t need much cooking, dish out first.


9) Lastly, continue to cook the bitter gourd with tofu pieces.


10) Dish out to individual dishes when cooked. Pour soup over.


A bowl of healthy fish, tofu, bitter gourd beehoon soup ready for slurping. Yummy. 😍😍😍


Cheers, travel + food, #ahgoodlife.

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