Roasted pork leeks bliss

It’s a simple roast pork with leeks dish. Simplicity is bliss.

I’ll try to combine glimpses of my previous travels with current cooking methods hoping you’ll enjoy Ahgoodfood better.

This photo shows the steepest steps I’ve ever seen – leading to ‘heaven’, Angkor Wat highest point.  Each step is narrow, about half the size of a normal foot print. I’m wondering if residents then were very light footed and much agile than today’s modern man. I would have definitely slipped and fell with every climb.


The highest point, amazing at 5 storeys high, was totally built using hands. The landing here overlooks the rest of temples @ Angkor Wat. How was this even possible and what architectural technology was available centuries ago?



A piece of store bought roasted pork and a stem of leek. I’ve washed and cut the leek diagonally and sliced the pork according to my need.



1) In a wok, heat up some oil, fry the roasted pork.


2) Add in the white portion of the leek, fry them up till fragrant.


3) Now, add in the green portion and fry lightly.

Within 15 minutes of preparing and cooking, the simple dish of roasted pork and leeks is ready. Enjoy 🌴🌴.



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