Easy stir fried noodles

On this Saturday morning, after a 20 lap swim, I’d just wish for an easy, one wok meal, like stir fried noodles.

dove lake TasmaniaIMG_20150823_123055.jpg
Awesome sight – our trip to Dove lake, Cradle mountain in Tasmania (2015).


This dish is easy, 1 packet of stir fried ‘Hongkong’ noodles, round cabbage, carrot, (gelatinous) leftover soya sauce gravy, 1 egg, fish paste, 1 piece of pork fillet.



1) In a pot of boiling water, cook the noodles till soft, drain to be used later.

2) Wash and cut cabbage, carrot, pork fillet. Marinate pork slices with pepper salt, cinnamon, paprika and tumeric powder. Mix the fish paste in beaten egg.



1) In a wok, heat some oil. Fry the fish paste omelette first. Then add the garlic pieces in and the pork slices. Fry till pork slices are cooked.


2) Next stir in the chopped carrot.


3) With a few stirs of the carrot, add in the cut cabbage. Give it another few stirs till cabbage turns green. The cabbage need not be soften, as crunchy cabbage go well with the softened noodles.

4) Lastly, stir in the cooked softened noodles. Remember to add sauce to the noodles. Since I had leftover chicken sauce, just top over the noodles.


5) Stir to give a good mix, it was a bit challenging in the small wok, filled to the brim.

6) Serve, and keep rest for other meals as I’ve cooked in excess for 3 persons.


Easy….tasty and crunchy soft noodles great for after swim meal. 🍜🍝

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