Steamed herbal chicken

We’ve had it roasted, baked, broiled, fried….time for herbal steamed chicken. 🐔 in anyway is loved by the family, especially on this lazy Sunday, let’s give it a go right now. 🐥🐤🐓🐣

Our celebration trip to Tasmania in 2015, when we drove around the island starting from the South to West, then East to North. Our daughters then were in between university courses, from undergraduate to graduate studies.

In Launceston, bridge leading to Cataract gorge, one of the most scenic and serene places on Earth.

Cataract gorge, scenic, serene, tranquil. Peace on Earth.


1 chicken (about 1 kg) and spices. I had salt pepper, cinnamon, tumeric, paprika powder and some ginseng root powder.

1 piece of aluminum foil wrap and a steamer.


Cleaned the chicken, cut away visible fats. Paper towel dry the chicken, and rub spices over the chicken. Let it marinate for couple of hours, wrapped in aluminum foil.


Steam for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. At 1 hour, the chicken was reddish, so I wrapped it up for another half hour.



Cut into quarters, and serve.


Had my quarter with leftover noodles. Enough as a meal.


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