Soy sauce pork belly

This is a versatile dish, it could be savory, sour or/and  sweet. Add in lots of other ingredients or none at all. Use it as soup or gravy, those who cook this dish will have their own peculiar secret ingredient to call it their own, it’s a versatile dish I won’t tire of.

Continuing our trip in Tasmania, this is one place I won’t tire of too. It’s Cataract gorge, at different spots, the views evokes feelings…. the medieval spirit to write classical poems, the picnic spots with running waterfall, or bright sunshine for the energetic and sporting.

Evokes writing poems
Evokes energetic sports
Evokes picnic spots with running water


A slab of pork belly, shitake mushrooms, black fungus, carrots, onion, ginger, eggs.



1) Soak mushrooms, fungus. Cut carrots, onion, ginger.


2) In a pan, sear the pork slabs to seal in the juices.

3) In a small pot, boil eggs for 8 minutes. When cooled, peel off egg shelves for use later.


1) After all the proactivity of selecting and preparing the ingredients, the easiest part is combining all with enough water to cover the ingredients in a stew pot. Add in 2 tablespoon dark soya sauce and 1 tablespoon of light soya sauce.

2) After 1 hour of stewing, dish out the pork for slicing.

3) Add in the hard boil eggs into the stew.


4) When diners are ready to eat, dish up and serve.

Softened savory fungus, mushrooms, carrots and melt in mouth pork belly.

5) Pair with Dow Miau vegetables. Yummy, 👏😘😍


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