Salad fusion

Today’s lunch will not induce food coma. Having tried hard to swim regularly, lunch today will follow the eat well, keep fit motto, 😁😁 trying… trying hard, haha.

In Tasmania, we drove to Freycinet, Wine Glass Bay to catch sunset. It’s was quite a race, under estimated the distance, and by the time we climbed down the hill, it was complete darkness.

Rock formation in Freycinate, Tasmania

As it was winter, with short daylight, and no street lights, it was very challenging and dangerous to drive to our next destination, a hotel reserved in the next town. Luckily we found a little village along the way and checked in for the night. A lesson learnt to provide more slack for long distance sightseeing.

Sunset wine glass bay


1) For salad, I’ll use butter head lettuce, romaine, rocket and cherry tomatoes, croutons, sunflower pumpkin seeds. Dressing will be lime juice, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


2) Dish out onto bowls.


3) I had marinated pork fillet and fish steaks to go with the salads.

Pan fry pork fillets

Pan fried fish steaks

4) Asian style pork fillets and fish steaks ready to go with western salads.

5) Combining Asian style pork fillets, fish steaks and western salads equal salad fusion. Enjoy 😍😍 😍 .


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