Hokkien mee

A sudden craving, hokkien mee is readily available in Singapore hawkers scene. Today, I’ll rather cook a home version. This dish originated from Fujian, China. It’s yellow noodles and rice vermicelli topped with prawns, squids and meat.

Travels today is Japan, where we went temple hopping.

himeji templeIMG-20151216-WA0001
Himeji temple
sensoji templeIMG_20150328_154609.jpg
Sensoji temple
ueno togoshi shrineP_20150328_124201.jpg
Ueno Togoshi shrine


1/2 kg fresh yellow noodles, 1/2 kg white thick rice vermicelli, 1 large squid, 1/4 kg prawns, some chives, garlic.


Ingredients prepared


1) Peel the prawn shells, boil in water to make stock. Drain the stock, throw the shells away. Add a cube of chicken stock paste to enhance the taste.


2) In a wok, heat some oil, fry 2 eggs. Give a good stir, before they turn into omelette, add a portion of the chicken/prawn stock.

3) Add the peeled prawns, squids, chopped garlic into wok. Fry altogether.

4) Add in the yellow noodles, give a good stir, pour in more stock as needed, to prevent noodles from sticking onto the base of wok.

5) Fry in the white vermicelli, add rest of stock. The vermicelli will adsorb the stock as it cooks in the wok.


6) Give it a good mix, hokkien Mee is ready to serve.


7) Since it’s home cooking, I prefer to add a generous portion of vegetables. Those sold in the hawkers center will only have chives sparingly.


8) Home cooked hokkien mee, with added sambal chilli, enjoy😁!



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