Samgyetan sequel

On both visits to Seoul, we were inspired to que for samgyetan. Whether winter or summer, this piping hot dish is popular with locals as it warms the body during winter and cools the body during summer. Samgyetan is Korean ginseng chicken soup.

Samgyetan in winter
Samgyetan during summer

I will attempt to cook this at home with lesser chicken as we were overwhelmed the last time when we couldn’t finish eating one chicken each.

Our travel will feature the palaces in Korea.

Intricate carvings on ceiling in main hall of Gyeongbokgung palace
Korea palace.jpg
One of concubine residences, the king was allowed up to 9 concubines


Small chicken, green onion (used celery instead), garlic, salt, ginseng, big red dates, glutinous rice.


Ingredients prepared, soak rice, clean 🐔


1) Fill the stomach of chicken with soaked glutinous rice, smashed garlic, red date and cut celery.


2) As I had soaked excessive rice, I tied all rest of ingredients in a muslin soup bag.


3) The chicken, soup bag were placed horizontally on bottom of pressure cooker pot. Poured in 3 bowls of water, (or more) ensure that chicken and all other ingredients are immersed.


4) Boil for an hour in pressure cooker pot. Wait till pressure has died down, open the cover.


5) Dish out the chicken and all other ingredients. The 🍚 and chicken are cooked.


6) Cut up the 🐔 and separate the rice.


7) Dish onto bowls, I added some butter head lettuces for greens.

8) Top with coriander and fill bowls with soup. Samgyetan is ready. It’s ginseng fragrant, healthy chicken soup.


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