Rice porridge on a gloomy day

Is rain beautiful? I think it is. In Singapore, rain cools my place down, making cooking more delightful in the wet kitchen outside my 🏠. However, the weather is gloomy and makes photography dark.

Today’s travel will be to Singapore, a little red dot in South East Asia.

Remote part, lower Pierce reservoir
Loving clouds formation
Caught active monkeys in the jungle


Simple rice porridge, with julienned marrow green, carrot with miso using leftover kelp and anchovies broth.



1) Add all above ingredients into bigger claypot and boil over a low 🔥. Add in 2 teaspoons of miso to enhance the porridge taste.


2) Porridge is ready as simple meal on it’s own.


3) However, I’ll like to pair with it with fish – Selar (small makerel) fish.

4) Also, started another dish of eggplant with chilli paste and ikan bilis (small anchovies).

5) The cool weather is inspiring me to add 1 more dish, that’s chilli, long beans tofu.

It was supposed to be a simple rice porridge meal on it’s own but the cool weather has inspired me to pair it with 3 other dishes, fish, eggplant, and tofu. Thank you for the sumptious lunch.



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