Char kway teow

Char kway teow – stir fried flat white rice noodles is a favorite comfort food with the family. We refrain from eating much outside because of “artery clogging” fear. Home cooked, I’m able to control the amount of grease, no cockles but more vegetables added so guilt is lessen. Talk about mind over matter. 🐒

Travels today is pubbing in Irish bars! We went pubs hopping in Cork, Dublin and Gulway to sample Guinness stout, Irish whiskey and Irish stew.

Had our first Guinness stout here
Had nice Irish stew here
Merry makers spill over outside temple bar Dublin


Flat white noodles, yellow noodles, garlic, fish cake, Thai sausages, bean sprouts, choy sim vegetables, eggs. Light and dark sweet sauce, leftover beef broth.


Ingredients prepared


1) Heat some oil in a wok, fry garlic and sliced Thai sausages. Then add in sliced fish cake. Fry till fragrant and dish up for use later.

2) In the same wok, heat up some oil, fry 4 eggs, scramble and add in some broth to prevent burning.

3) Add in the kway teow (flat white rice noodles). Top with light soya sauce, and stir fry till mixed. If too dry, add some broth (or water).

4) Now, add in yellow noodles and top with dark sweet soya sauce. Fry till well mixed. If too dry, add some broth ( or water).

5) Add in vegetables and bean sprouts. Fry till well mixed.

Fry lightly to retain crunch of vegetables and sprouts.

6) Top with sausages, fish cake fried earlier.


7) Plate up and serve. Tastes similar to those sold outside, less greasy but still wet.


Home cooked char kway teow is yummy.


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