10 Veggies dish

Will prepare a 10 veggies combi, a stir fried vegetarian dish. It’s called ‘lo hon chye’ (in Cantonese) whereby 10 types of vegetables are braised / stir fried and eaten on 1st and/or 15th of the Chinese calendar month. Today, we’re just trying to eat healthy.

For travels, it’s castle hopping in Ireland. First stop, the cliffs of Moher, scenic and majestic.

ckiffs moher.jpg
Cliffs of Moher
castle cliffsIMG_20160904_234535
Castle @cliffs of Moher
Black Rock IMG_20160902_214330.jpg
Castle @ Black Rock
blarney CastleIMG_20160903_002207.jpg
Blarney’s Castle

After driving far and wide, along some very narrow and winding roads, we decided we’ve had enough of Castle visiting.


10 vegetables, including tofu, shitake mushrooms, black fungus ears, sweet peas, French beans, round cabbage, celery, leeks, carrot and cauliflower.


Ingredients cut and soaked


1) In a frying pan, heat some oil, fry the sliced tofu. Dish aside for use later.


2) In the same pan, pour in the sliced shitake mushrooms with the water used to soak in and black fungus ears. Add 1 teaspoon of miso paste. Let it braise till soft and plump.


3) In a wok, heat some oil. Fry the sliced white part of leeks first, add in the sliced carrots.


4) Add into the wok, the braised and cooked mushrooms and black fungus.


5) Now add the cauliflower florets, then cabbage. Stir fry till softened.


6) Add both the French beans and sweet peas. Stir fry lightly as I’d prefer them crunchy.


7) Finally the rest of the leeks (green portion) and celery. One more stir, and dish is ready.


8) Top with fried tofu.


Plate up and serve. Heathy 10 veggies combi braised and stir fried ‘lo hon chye’ is yummy.👌👍👏


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