Fried chicken

We love chicken in any way, especially fried chicken which we haven’t had for a long while. The kids have been dreaming of fried chicken, since I wasn’t cooking they bought those available commercially (KFC, Popeye).

In Korea, we would indulge, we were tourists after all, so we felt free to eat whenever we passed the Korean fried chicken cafes without too much guilt.

Travels feature the last generation of South Korean mermaids, called haeyno.


Haeyons (sea women) dive into the cold waters of Jeju island, to catch abalones, sea urchin, seaweed to make a living.

The culture of haeynos, diving in 60 metres deep water without any oxygen apparatus rising in 2 minutes to catch their breaths are a dying breed. They average around 65 years of age, many are grannies and breadwinners of their families.


Chicken pieces marinated overnight with pepper, salt, tumeric, cinnamon, coriander powder, rosemary twigs.

Coat with corn flour, tapioca flour and bread crumbs before deep frying.



1) In a shallow frying pan, heat 1 cup oil. When oil bubbles when I dipped wooden chopsticks, it’s ready for use.


2) Fry 1 piece at a time (because I used a small pan). Each side for around 8 minutes.


3) Poke with chopsticks, if there’s no red juice flowing out, chicken steak is ready. Dish onto paper towel to soak up excess oil.

4) Patiently piece by piece is cooked.


5) Whilst each piece of chicken is being cooked, I prepared another stirfry napa cabbage vegetables dish.


6) Paired fried chicken with stirfry vegetables.


7) Served with rice and soup. Lunch is ready.


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