Ramen fascination

My fascination with ramen didn’t end in Japan, but carried on in our visits to major cities around the world. Whether San Francisco or Melbourne, there’ll be popular ramen cafes delivering very authentic ramen noodles.


The ramen culture in Japan is amazing. In every corner, there’ll be ramen mom-pop shops. Sometimes, it’s a one man shop efficiently serving multiple customers. The ordering system is mechanised. All permutations of noodles (soft, al dente), size (large, small serving), additional toppings, flavor (strong, medium, bland) are order able outside the shop with the push of buttons. Pretty intimidating for first timers like me.


Payment is also at the machine. Order is transmitted to the cook and soon, your specific ramen order is ready for slurping.


Call-out on seeing customers enter the shop at the top of their voices is unique, one wonders if it’s a welcome or complaint in Japanese rattling from those chefs manning the cooking stations.


The whole process of ramen order with push of buttons, to specific delivery is made efficiently at no expense to taste nor quality. These all add to my ramen fascination!♥😎


Today, I’ll attempt to cook ramen, using broth hand carried from Tokyo. Hope it’ll meet or exceed those home expectator.

Assemble ingredients
Ingredients prepared


1) In pot of boiling water, soft boil eggs for exactly 6 minutes. Dish out for use later. Peel off egg shelves when cooled. Cut egg into halves.

2) In another pot of boiling water, immerse ramen noodles, boil according to instruction on label. I boiled for about 4 minutes each bundle.


3) Dish out into respective bowls. I added my secret ingredient at this stage, white truffle oil, to the noodles enhancing fragrance and taste. Yummy.


4) Added 4 cups of water to make broth.


5) Cook the short back bacon in broth and serve onto noodles.


6) Cook sweet peas in broth and dish onto noodles.


7) Cook enoki mushrooms in broth and dish onto noodles.


8) Cook soft tofu in broth and dish onto noodles.


9) Now add hot broth to those who are ready to eat. I was stingy with the broth as I reserved most of the broth for the last bowl as the son was not eating yet.


The home expectators gave thumbs up👍 and hi-fives 🤗  preferring my ramen to those sold outside. I agree, the broth wasn’t excessively rich with sodium.


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