Hokkien mee for medical students

This evening, we’re are having 15 medical students in our house for a final meeting and practice before they embark on a mission trip to a village of Thailand. I would like to treat them to a nice dinner, since they’ve all just returned from United Kingdom, it should be something local that they don’t usually eat in the UK.

First lesson in Irish Gaelic
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As it is quite last minute, fortunately I have ingredients available at home to cook hokkien mee. I divided the ingredients to cook in 2 batches, totaling 2 kg of white vermicelli, 1 kg of yellow noodles, 1kg prawns, 10 fish cakes, 1 kg of pork belly, $2 choy sim, $0.5 bean sprouts, 6 eggs. Ingredients halved each batch.


2) Unshell the prawns, boil in small pot of water to make prawn broth. Sieve the broth, retain broth to cook noodles later, discard the prawn shells.


3) In a wok, heat some oil, fry the sliced pork belly till cooked (from pink to white).

4) Add in fish cake slices and fry together.

5) Add in prawns, fry till cooked (turned pink).

6) Dish up to be used later.

7) Heat some oil in the empty same wok, fry beaten eggs. Add in chopped garlic.

8) Add some prawn broth and stir in white vermicelli noodles, then yellow. Add most of broth to prevent burning and for noodles to adsorb the broth.


9) Fry in the green stems of choy sim.


10) Add in the bean sprouts.


11) Finally the green leaves of choy sim vegetables.


12) Top back with the pork belly, fish cake, prawns dished up previously.


13) Dish up and repeat steps 3-12 for next batch.


14) Hokkien Mee is ready for serving. The feedback from the medical students were unanimous yummilicious, wishing they can eat this in UK during their studies. 😍😁😎🤓



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