Beef short ribs soup

Soup time ♥ one observation is that western soup is usually served thick, whilst those eastern ones are usually clear broth. I remember thick Irish stew and clear samgyetan, Korean ginseng chicken soup.

Clear samgyetan broth below the air bubbles on the soup surface
A friendly fishmonger in famous The English Market in Cork city, Ireland.
Irish stew, blurry photo due to lighting


Today, I intend to add herbs and edible plants from our garden to fragrance up. So this soup is a fusion of Asian plants and western beef short ribs with potatoes and butternut squash.

Butternut squash, beef short ribs, leeks
Kiffir, pandan (screwpine), bay leaves, ginger, black beans, potatoes added


1) The pressure cooker made my job easy, I washed and cut the vegetables and placed all ingredients with 3 cups of water to cover all ingredients in the pot.

2) After 1 hour, the outcome of beef short ribs soup was ready for serving.


3) The fragrance is exceptional, it has the sourness, fresh smell of kiffir leaves. The pleasant pandan leaves fragrance.


4) One of the most light and refreshing beef short ribs soup I’ve had.


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