Pursuit of Saba

We’re Saba fish fans. So we’ve been on the lookout for any mackeral dish at home and overseas.


Relentless pursuit in every visit to Seoul.

This weekend, it’s mackeral galore at home.😍😍



Locally, it’s called Selar or Kembong – Malaysian mackeral fish. There’s abundance in tropical waters and the markets. I’ll usually buy half a dozen and save them in the freezer till needed.

Marinated Selar with salt pepper and tumeric


1) Using scissors, slit at the stomach side of the fish. At the spinal bone, use scissors to cut flesh close to spinal till fish is able to open up flatten.

2) Paper towel dry, marinate both sides with pepper, salt and tumeric powder for at least half hour.

3) In a shallow pan, fill up with oil half way. When oil is hot (test with chopstick), place fish in to cook for 4 minutes.


4) Turnover to other side, fry for another four minutes.


5) When done, drain on paper towel before serving.


6) Today, I’m serving the pan fried mackeral fish with marrow green 🍚 porridge. It’s really yummy.


7) One mackeral fish each! β™₯ No sharing, no fighting for best part. Crunch the fish bones and fish head too.


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