Lala shell clams

Bought a kilogram of lala shells in the weekend for the first time. Hesitated all this while, although popularized lately, been noticing it’s availability in wet markets and supermarket shelf’s.

We don’t normally go for shells, didn’t know how to wash and cook them, also refrained from eating due to health reasons.😑 But think of the French and their escargots. Go for it! Don’t hesitate.

Attractiveness of French display
Even poulet display look inviting
For sure formage is to go for


Surprise! It’s really quite clean, soak them in water for 1 hour. Dirt is washed out by clams when they opened up. Prepare some chopped garlic and leeks.

I’m only using about 1/3 of a kilogram as there’s only 3 of us. Serve like the French, quality but not quantity. Haha


1) In a wok, heat some oil, fry chopped garlic. Then add in clams.


2) Add some chopped chilli, a tablespoon vinegar and some water. Stir fry till clams open up.


3) Now add in the leeks. Stir fry till leeks softened.

4) It’s done, ready for serving.


5) It’s really sweet and tasty. No wonder it’s so popular.


6)Been missing out all this while. Today, I’ll serve lala shell clams with steamed chicken.


Lala shell clams with chicken and rice


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