Hi-tea in Hainan

Our visit to ancestry hometown of a village in Wenchang, Hainan – China uncovered an archetype Hainanese hi-tea.

Main door to a village home

I wonder if my forefathers actually learnt from the British forces on how to make a good tea, or inherently brought with them the skills during migration to Singapore.

Free range cockerel 🐓 on the roam

A typical afternoon tea break, strolling along the non-tar roads of Wenchang catching up on gossips with relatives,

Non tar roads

Uncovered hot milk tea with artbuah (just like eebuah), custard pie, sponge cake, and french toast with condensed milk.

I would fly there again just to have afternoon tea. It’s really that special.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Becky kwok says:

    Hello May, I went back to Hainan island with my parents 20 years ago! Sanya. I remembered we had breakfast eating toast with butter and coffee. Simple and good. Seeing your photos brought back memories.


  2. ahgoodfood says:

    Glad it’s bringing good memories, we enjoyed very much too, tea was really good.


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