It’s about fun! So what’s so fun about cooking? It’s about creating what’s available, what’s seasonal and what’s nutritional for family, friends and loved ones. It’s about sharing, it’s about discovering! It’s about the good life…Ah! It’s a good life! Ahgoodfood!

“Ah – it’s a good life” as I slice thru the crisp air in Yosemite.

I’ve taken an interest in food from marketing, buying, shopping and picking from farms, home garden, wet markets and supermarkets to hosting occasional parties for hundreds of guests or just cooking for the family. I’m a newbie, learning, innovating and improving as I journey this interesting time about planning, design n sharing methodologies of cooking and recipes.

In my previous life, I was just a busy executive in multi national corporations. There was little time to smell the food, let alone cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. My professional training is in computer science and business adminstration. A pioneer, I programmed in Fortran, COBOL, RPGII – I’m sure the Y gen n Millennia have no clue of what I mean. It means out-datedness! Haha.

In contrast, food and cooking is never out dated. It’s a basic necessity. One of my purposes of ¬†starting Ahgoodfood is to share my joy with loved ones, my daughters overseas, and also you, my supporters!

Please do feedback constructively your views of Ahgoodfood, and I look forward to journeying food cooking adventures together. In the meantime, thank you for reading and your support. Good wishes to you, from Ahgoodfood! Facebook @ahgoodfood.


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