Japchae sequel 2

Practice makes perfect, cliche but true. My first japchae was a nervous wreak. The sequel tastes confidence, more authentic and praise worthy. Japchae is btw Korean sweet potato noodles dish. 😱😵😲 Has japchae ever been described such? Weird. Travels today feature an aspect of Korean wedding.   Maids of honor & musicians at wedding Ingredients…

Steamed herbal chicken

We’ve had it roasted, baked, broiled, fried….time for herbal steamed chicken. 🐔 in anyway is loved by the family, especially on this lazy Sunday, let’s give it a go right now. 🐥🐤🐓🐣 Our celebration trip to Tasmania in 2015, when we drove around the island starting from the South to West, then East to North….