Apple pies

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Sonny handed a bag of about 40 apples upon return from camp. Doesn’t seem like campers like having apples for desserts. Hmmm what to do? Apples are good food, super for iron nutrition ~ “an apple a day keeps one happy all day!” haha says who? 🍎 🍎 🍎 Let’s make…

Famous Hong Kong mini Egg Custard Mooncakes made in Singapore

Ever try the famous light mini egg custard mooncakes? You get to eat it right in Singapore Crumb Bakery! If you have eaten Peninsula Hong Kong legendary egg custard mooncake, you will not want to m… Source: Famous Hong Kong mini Egg Custard Mooncakes made in Singapore

Tuna puffs

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On this hot Sunday afternoon, tuna puffs with cool Thai milk tea will be great! Before that, let’s take a peek of Taipei city. Man on sticks Beitou thermal valley emitting hot water and sulphur Taipei 101, does it have 101 storeys? Highest in Taiwan Ingredients n method Puff pastry, scallions,…

Chicken curry in SF

Tonight we have a guest for dinner. He likes spice, meat and rice. Plus there are many packets of curry premix in the pantry. So it’s off to the butcher on 24th Street, to pick up some chicken pieces and whilst there, I’ve picked up some beef for stir fry as well.      …

Spicy stir fried 🍝

Tidied the pantry of our daughters’ apartment, came across many half used goodies, decided to finish up the packet of wholemeal spaghetti. Ingredients Gonna use minimal of ingredients to create a simple clean stir fried 🍝 for lunch. It will be fusion of western and eastern taste and cooking method. Method 1) In a pot…

Salmon belly

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Whenever i visit the fishmongérs in Queen Victoria market in Melbourne, I would scan quickly if they had any salmon belly on offer. Typically it will not take up any display space but hidden in the back  of the freezer awaiting a ‘savvy’ buyer like me. To me, its not only…

A potpourri

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It started off as chicken soup, but I was also clearing the fridge too so it ended up as a potpourri of all types of ingredients that would combine well with a good chicken stock. Here goes: an interesting architecture of blending a new modern building on top of a conserved…

The making of bazhang in SF

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Oh yeah – I’m here in San Francisco! Ain’t gonna see the seals in ferry terminal nor the golden gate bridge but I rather stay home to make bazhang!😎😎😎 Turn on Spotify, let the summer breeze in – it’s a beautiful sunny 20 degrees n I can’t wait. Forget the jet…

Yam baskets served

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Time to celebrate, daughters travelled half the world home to celebrate my big bday😍😍, I shall cook one of their favorite, nutritional n yummy dish that I typically do only during Chinese New Year. It’s special this time, rest of family members are home too so it’s also a reunion celebration!…

Fish Maw steamboat

Four days soon, we’ll welcome the year of the rooster! Oh yes it’s dong~dong~chiang Chinese New Year 2017 and I can feel the excitement. Although wet and rainy these days due to north e… Source: Fish Maw steamboat

Chicken green curry

Chicken, eggplant, cabbage green curry with turmeric rice. I used to be not able to cook during my work life, n would be amazed at how well others could, like when we had Indonesian / Philippines h… Source: Chicken green curry